FPCA’s HD King Plant Site Forum A Succes – Summary

On Monday, June 10th, The Fort Pierce Community Alliance, Inc. held a town hall forum to engage a discussion around the proposal for redevelopment of the former HD King Power Plant site in Downtown Fort Pierce.

The forum, which was well attended, was intended to develop positive suggestions and ideas to help the City’s elected leaders and appointed staff get the best development Fort Pierce can get, consistent with residents’ vision for a vibrant addition to downtown, that is sensitive to its context.

Attendees were able engage with a panel that include Senior St. Lucie County Planner Kori, Fort Pierce Planning Board member Michael Broderick, and resident Jeanne Arias, who participated in the bid process.  Additionally, in the audience were Leslie Olson, head of St. Lucie County Planning and Development, and others with strong planning or development knowledge offering their unique perspective to the conversation that was had.  

In total, a very constructive and information meeting occurred.  Click here to read the summary of the points of agreement from the forum.

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